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We’ve been creating books for over 30 years, pick our brain! Some of our favorites: “Gone with the Wind” rebound in Scarlett red leather…A Civil War Volume bound in any combination of greys and blues…letters to the teacher from all his/her little authors at the end of the school year in primary color like red with white letters…Collection of Playbills bound in black leather with silver stamping and silver checkerboard page gilding and titled Broadway Bound for the avid theatre-goer or performer…Anecdotes from friends, relatives, co-workers for retirement book or any other occasion…
Artist Sketchbook bound in green leather (or any color from the palette) with wood inlay and foil stamping and
lots of blank pages…Leather bound guest book for your home, inn, hotel or special occasion…
Memorial or wedding registry, certificate folder or diploma cover…and we can keep on going.